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Christmas Tree Species


Scotch Pine is known as the cosmopolitan tree of Europe. This conifer was one of the first plantation grown Christmas Trees in North America. Its sharp blue-green foliage with needles about two to three inches in length can be sheared to an appealing density.
Its conical shape, excellent colour and needle retention has made it the tree of choice for many years.

White Spruce is found growing the width of North America. It is a northland tree found throughout the lake-studded Canadian Shield and northern United States.
Its delicate blue-green foliage with needles about one-half inch in length is very appealing. Given proper care, this tree exhibits good needle retention and is popular in harvest plantations. Its excellent form and colour make it an exceptional Christmas Tree.

White Pine can be found widely distributed throughout the forests of eastern North America. It has soft, lacy blue-green foliage with needles about three to four inches in length.
A very graceful looking evergreen, its fragrance and excellent needle retention has made it a popular Christmas Tree for many years, especially in the traditional south.

Balsam Fir is found throughout the Canadian Maritimes and in remote parts of northern New England. Its soft, dark green foliage with flattened needles about three-quarters of an inch in length has a distinctive "balsam" aroma.
Its sturdy branching and excellent needle retention have made it a longtime favourite Christmas Tree.

First Studied by Scottish botanist David Douglas in the 1820's, this conifer is widely distributed throughout western North America from the interior lake country of British Columbia to the mountains of Mexico. Found in the central Rockies, the hardy "blue" strain is widely used as a Christmas Tree in the Northeast.
It's lush, blue-green foliage with needles about one inch in length is very attractive. It's sturdy branching and outstanding needle retention make this evergreen a holiday favorite.

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