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Christmas Tree Facts.


Once in a while someone will say we should stop cutting Christmas Trees to save our environment. This is untrue! Growing and cutting real Christmas Trees is beneficial to the environment in many ways.

Young, vigorously growing trees like Christmas Trees, are nature's most efficient oxygen producers. One acre of Christmas Trees provides enough oxygen annually for eighteen people.

Christmas Trees provide an ideal habitat for birds and animals of all sizes.

Growing Christmas Trees enhances the aesthetics of rural Ontario and helps reduce erosion and flooding by increasing soil percolation and delaying snow melt in the spring.

Christmas Trees are the most environmentally friendly crop around! The growing time for a tree is from 7 to 15 years. To maintain an ongoing harvest, each farm must have ten more trees growing for every tree harvested. As such, 90% of the land is always supporting a tree crop and providing all of the environmental benefits mentioned above.

The Ontario Christmas Tree Industry provides thousands of helpful jobs, primarily to high school students at pruning time. It is one of the largest industries employing students in some rural areas.

Natural Christmas Trees are totally biodegradable and have many uses after the Christmas season. Municipalities "chip" them for use on walkways in damp areas in parks, or to reduce grass cutting costs by mulching landscape trees in parks and along boulevards. Others are used as bird feeders or placed in lakes to provide a sanctuary for young fish to hide from predators.

Whatever their uses, Christmas Trees easily compost and will eventually provide pure, rich, black soil.

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